Our story

We are a social enterprise based in Chennai, Tamilnadu in southern India. We were incubated as a social enterprise in Indian Institute of Technology Madras almost 8 yrs back. We were involved initially in tourism in remote parts of Tamilnadu as a major focus and slowly our acquaintance with the tribals in the remote parts led to the exploration of honey as a product. Initial feedback received from the trial run suggested that there is good demand for raw honey as a product as it is a regular ingredient for all medicine in Ayurveda.

We run a for-profit company called ecoLogin which helps in marketing the products of rural and tribal people and a  Non Governmental organization called Basecamp which works in capacity development amongst the tribals and imparts training to ensure the quality of products. The above efforts enabled us to give good returns to our tribal partners who have begun trusting us and we have been able to spread our collection across Tamilnadu. Our plan is to spread ourselves across India.